License Renewal Reminders

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Finally a digital wallet app for license reminders.

Never let a license or ticket expire again! Set reminders for your personal, professional and recreational licenses within the secure ID’d digital wallet.

ID’d is a digital wallet that stores an image of your membership card or license and prompts you to enter the expiry date. You decide how far in advance you’d like to receive your reminder to renew -- 30, 60 or 90 days before expiry.

  • Simply take a photo and store securely the front and back of licenses, membership cards, professional certifications & more
  • Set your reminder preferences
  • Receive notifications at renewal time!

ID’d is available on both the Google Playstore and Apple Store securely stores photos of passports, driver’s licenses, certifications and other important license documents. It is simple to use, secure with multiple layers of protection and has built in alerts that remind you of upcoming expiration dates that allow you to stay compliant.

The average person has about 10 pieces of ID, licenses, certificates and other cards in their wallet. A professional can have twice as many documents to remember. If you’ve ever had your wallet stolen, you know there are things in there that are nearly impossible to replace and should never be stored in your wallet or purse. But you are still expected to know what these numbers and codes are, and how and when to renew them. ID’d helps you take control of your licenses, expiry dates and renewal processes all with secure privacy. And, it can make your real wallet lighter and safer.

"Here we would have a really helpful review about how easy it can be to use IDD to organize all of my personal and business licenses."

Never let a license or ticket expire again! Set reminders for your personal, professional and recreational licenses within the secure ID’d digital wallet.


  • Driver’s license, car sticker renewal
  • Passport renewal
  • Health card and travel insurance renewals
  • Vehicle and house insurance renewal


  • Trade ticket renewal reminders for Welders, Electricians, Trucking, etc
  • Certificate of qualification, WHMIS
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Union renewal reminders

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