Your Trade License / Certification Reminder App

As a Trades Professional, you’ll be well aware of the journey you have taken to getting to this point in your career; years of college, finding an apprenticeship placement and eventually landing your first position as a trained and qualified, licensed trades professional, not to mention your investment of time, money and dedication.

Within each trade profession, there are many supporting qualifications required that each add value to the work that you do, and without them, your value decreases, therefore lessening your ability to keep current within the trade.

These could include: working in heights, WHMIS, elevated platformForklift license, Health & Safety training, and countless other accreditations and safety certificates – all required to maintain or support a career with the trades professions. An expired trade license or certification is not only an inconvenience to deal with, it could potentially have a negative impact on your business and career!

With all of these licenses and certifications comes the question of how to make sure everything remains up to date and valid, all within your busy life schedule?

With an ever-increasing reliance on our mobile devices these days, it only makes sense that the answer to above question would come in the form of an app.

ID’d is the mobile license reminder app providing the solution to the concern of how to keep on top of your trade license and certifications renewal reminders!

How? Simple. Available to download free on IOS and Android mobile devices, with an option to upgrade, allowing you to store additional licenses, once downloaded you simply select the category that you wish to save your license or certification information to (choose from Recreational, Professional or Personal) and then set the expiry date.

The next part is a very useful feature of this app; ID’d allows you to save a digital image of the front and back of your license or certification document, giving you easy and convenient access to your identification*. Once your information is saved, go to your settings and choose a reminder period of 30, 60 or 90 days. Based on your settings, not only will you receive a timely email reminder but you’ll also get a notification directly from the ID’d app to your mobile device, allowing you to act promptly in renewing your Trade License and certifications.

Download ID’d today to keep your trade licenses up to date.

Using ID’d means you have less to worry about and be confident that when it’s time for renewal, you’ll have plenty of time to take action.

And that’s the beauty behind ID’d, it’s simple and intuitive to use, meaning you can get on with the important things in life.

With many renewal notices still being sent by regular mail, there is the potential of reminders getting lost in the system. Even once received, how quickly do you react to it? Paper renewal notices could easily get misplaced in a pile of paperwork and letters left on the side in your kitchen or office, running the risk of license expiration. Mobile devices offer us the ability to act instantly: we spend more and more of our time on our mobile devices so having a reminder notification delivered direct to one’s pocket means less chance of expiring licenses and the implications that may come from that.

Download ID’d today and never have to worry about missing a license reminder again!

* While the law may require you to carry certain forms of original documentation on your person, having a record on your mobile device is still very convenient. Always make sure you follow Local, Provincial and Federal laws as they apply.