Truckers Certification Reminder Mobile App

Trucking mobile app

We all know that farmers feed cities but it’s you that hauls the food to the table! You are the lifeblood of the commercial world, without whom, life as we know it would grind to a halt. As we depend on you, so you depend on your truck… and more importantly, your truck driver’s license.

But what would happen if your license were to unknowingly expire? That’s not even a risk worth considering. Let ID’d take a load off and make an expired license one less thing for you to worry about.


ID’d is The license reminder App for truck driving professionals like yourself, offering peace-of-mind reassurance that when it’s time for your license renewal, ID’d will deliver your reminder on time.

In less than 30-seconds, ID’d is taking care of business. Your Truck License reminder is saved, including a photograph of the front AND back of your license for quick, convenient reference, allowing you to carry on doing what you do best… delivering the goods and keeping the wheels turning!